4/30 RGF Meeting

What is an RGF? The name of the PTO's robot? The face you make when you are mad? A type of Larkspur flower? No to all of those :-) RGF is the Request for Grant Funding and it is something the teachers/school does to request money from the PTO. Want a list of RGF's the PTO has already approved in 2018-2019?

  • 2 iPad charging carts
  • 20 Ipads for K-6
  • 5 Tablet keyboards
  • 60 iPad cases
  • A classroom projector replacement 
  • Lego robotics club
  • Library printer
  • Wolf assembly
  • Natures Educators assembly
  • Noise cancelling earphones
  • DynaMath Magazines
  • Flat bed cart for Brooke
  • Seaquest field trip for K-2nd grade 
A VERY important one...the PTO PAYS the salary of TWO educational assistance teachers!!! Why? Douglas County School District has deemed these positions a WANT...not a need. 

This is WHY the PTO fundraising is SO important. 

This is also why YOU, the parents to the children of our wonderful school should be apart of these meetings where we decide how and where our money is used. 

So please join us! Tuesday, April 30th at 4:30 pm @ LES (location TBD) 

Bidding is OPEN to ALL!

     Hey y'all! Bidding for silent auction items are officially open and even if you are not going to The Boot, you can totally still bid on items! Not only is that super cool but it's a very easy process to bid! Head to our website www.larkspurpto.org, and click on "The Boot" tab. Click buy tickets and you will be directed to The Boot website. Click on "online auction items" and bid your heart away!
     You will find the teacher features, the classroom art projects and much more! Go check it out now!