We are SO close to the start of the 2019-2020 school year and we hope everyone has had a wonderful summer break!  We LOVE summer just as much as the next person but it's time to start planning our PTO events for this upcoming school year and we are SO excited to welcome old and new faces to our organization! Many hands make light work, and this year's PTO Board is so grateful to have so many willing friends. If I have missed anyone that you know would be interested in joining the fun, please let me know.
 We have a lot of things to organize before the first week of school!
The PTO is planning a meeting this Friday 26th to discuss our near future events (listed below) to make them as successful as possible.   I suggest we meet at the Spur at 11:30pm.   If you can’t make either of these days, but would like to be involved, please let me know what you would like to help with.   We will be on the patio so kids can play in the grass.

Luckily, these events are so much fun and pretty easy to put together:
  • Teacher welcome back luncheon - August 4th or 5th 
    • we need to decide on what to serve or have catered for our AMAZING teachers.
  • Boohoo Planning Meeting Tues Aug 6th 1pm with Kindergarten teachers.
  • Meet N Greet (Supply drop off) Aug 6th 
  • Aug 7th- First Day of School- Welcome back the Students? 
  • Kindergarten Boohoo Party Monday August 12th (1st day of Kindergarten)
  • Welcome Back Picnic?-Pizza and Hot dogs like last year w/ Kona Ice? Week of August 26th?
  • First General Meeting Sept, or Late August? 
    • Board-Agenda/Planning meeting 5 days prior. 
  • Larkspur Art and Craft Festival Table Sept 21st & 22nd 10am-5pm--Need to decide what to do and who will volunteer to run the table.
  • Fall Enrichment- Tuesday Sept 3rd-Thursday Oct 10th 
  • Bigger Fundraisers for the year -Fall Fest, Magic Show, Casino Night, Golf Tournament
Last year we had such an amazing time with events and raised much needed money for our school so we are hoping this year is just as fun and beneficial. We are going to be focused much more on community this year and want everyone to feel involved and able to help our tiny but amazing school in the sticks.


Diana Jakubiak 
PTO President