Teacher Appreciation Week

 It’s Teacher Appreciation week!  

We would like you to take this opportunity to do a few fun things for our Amazing Teachers. 

This year, the PTO put together a small gift of appreciation for the teachers. To add to that we are asking that you spend some time each day doing these fun, online/virtual activities for your teachers. All of their emails can be found on the school website or you can use their Seesaw accounts 

Thank you all for participating!  WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS!  

Monday- Flood your Teacher’s email today with a special note to show them you appreciate them!

Tuesday- Throw Love to your “Specials” teachers: Take a photo doing art, music, athletic, technology, and share.

Wednesday- Draw your favorite teacher.  Download the coloring sheet, draw, and share.  (Coloring sheet) OR use a blank sheet of paper.

Thursday- Write a Rhyme for your teacher.  Write a poem with a rhyme, it only takes a little time.

Friday- Dress up like a teacher.  Dress up and share a photo of you dressed like a teacher.

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