Emergency Bylaw Provision - PASSED

 The proposed emergency by laws provision has been passed by the PTO members and put in place by the Executive Board.

21 of 25 PTO members participated in voting, 100% YES (min 10 votes required), and the executive board motioned and approved unanimously to put it in place Friday September 5th. This provision will stay in place until school is back to normal operations and the executive board votes to lift it. While it is in place, the PTO can explore alternate fundraisers when the Fall Festival and The Boot are not an option, and also allows a more flexible definition of PTO member and those who can hold board positions so we can maintain operations.
As soon as the emergency provision is lifted, the board and membership can only be comprised of parents with students actively attending LES (excluding the normal teacher/principal positions). If you would like to read our bylaws or the provision, please go here https://www.larkspurpto.org/p/information.html.
PTO MEMBERSHIP: If you had a student at LES last school year, and still have an eligible student in 2020/21 BUT are opting to not attend (either hybrid or e-learning), AND have the intention of returning to LES when school resumes to normal or in 2021/22, then you are now eligible to be a PTO member and volunteer, attend meetings, etc. Please fill out a membership form here for 2020/21. Note, once the emergency provision is lifted, if your student isn't at LES at that time, your membership will end on that date until returning. If you have a current LES student don't forget to sign up for membership this year too (it is free). Membership form: https://www.jotform.com/lespto/PTOmembership20-21
Teacher Membership form:
BOARD POSITIONS: The PTO is also looking for additional board members to either fill a position for the year, or to be mentored under a currently held position (must have an LES student currently enrolled). With the constant fluctuation of volunteers at the moment and this temporary provision, the board will need extra members trained in the day to day operations as back ups. This is a great year to test out being a board member as most of our activities will be less involved. Possible positions include (but not limited to) Communications, Sponsorship, Treasurer, Vice President, President, Classroom Event Director and Enrichment. Email the PTO if you would like more information larkspurpto@gmail.com
Thank you for all your support during this unprecedented time. We understand PTO and fundraisers are probably on the bottom of the concern for many, but with budget cuts and constant changes facing our LES students and staff, we hope that the PTO can still help out as much as possible to lend a hand and offer enrichment and safe social activities. We want to keep Larkspur Elementary School that same family and small country school it has always been!