Parent Teacher Organization 
Larkspur Elementary School 
1103 West Perry Park Avenue 
Larkspur, CO 80118 

Current Bylaws Adopted 9-17-2018 



Emergency Bylaws, Policy and Procedure Provisions 

Enacted 9/5/2020



In the event of any emergency resulting from a widespread pandemic, wildfire directly effecting our community or similar disaster resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency (or similar declaration) by Federal or State authorities, the PTO Executive Board Officers shall be located/contacted at such time, and during the continuance of such emergency, the following Bylaws, Policy and Procedure provisions shall be in effect: 

A meeting of the Executive Board may be called by any officer upon twenty-four hours notice.  The officer will contact all persons entitled to notice who, in the sole judgment of the notifier, it is feasible to notify; 

The President and/or all officers in attendance at the meeting of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum; 

Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student in the county, that was actively enrolled at LES prior to the emergency, shall be eligible to serve as a general member.  Any parent of a Larkspur Elementary School student(s) prior to the emergency (as described above) that has intention of returning to the school after the emergency or the school returns to normal activity (pre-emergency activity) can continue to hold their elected PTO board position during the emergency.  Members of the community that have held a PTO Board position in the last 5 years may be appointed a board member position if the existing Board members find it necessary, and only for the duration of the emergency.  If a parent does not intend to return to the school once normal activity resumes, the remaining officers will appoint a parent to fill the position;  

Fundraising will be conducted at the sole discretion of the PTO Executive Board Members.  If the Fall Festival or Boot Scootin’ Boogie are not feasible to hold due to conditions surrounding the emergency, other avenues of fundraising should be explored.  Fundraising should only be done if the board finds it feasible and appropriate.   

These Bylaws, and Policy and Procedure Provisions may be amended or repealed, in whole or in part, by a majority vote of the officers attending any meeting of the Executive Board, provided such amendment or repeal shall only be effective for the duration of such emergency. 

These Bylaws, and Policy and Procedure Provisions will remain in place until the emergency no longer effects the normal activity (pre-emergency) of the school, students, and families.  The Executive Board should review the need for these Emergency Bylaws over the duration of the emergency.  In considering to halt the Emergency Bylaws and Policy and Procedures, the Executive Board should consider the duration of the emergency, the effect of the emergency on fundraising, ability of obtaining new board member volunteers to replace empty positions and time to train new board members.  At any time, a PTO member can request that the Board review the need for the Emergency Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Provisions.  All other Bylaws and Policy and Procedures not reviewed here shall be adhered to during the emergency.  





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