Policy & Proceedures

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Larkspur Elementary School 
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Policy & Procedures 
Revised and Adopted September 17, 2018 
The Policies & Procedures govern the Bylaws as the procedural operations set forth for all members of the organization. The Policies & Procedures may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Executive Board.  Approved Policies & Procedures are effective immediately and recorded by the Secretary with the effective date. 
Additional Procedures not outlined in the Bylaws would include, but not limited to: 
  1. President: Determine the role of the Vice President(s). Appoint Special Committees as needed.  Oversee and/or manage the operations of the website (www.larkspurpto.org) , Gmail (larkspurpto@gmail.com) and Facebook (LES PTO) account.  Disseminate the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Policies and Procedures to the Board and chairs and/or special committees to be better educated and prepared to work as a cohesive group. 
  1. Vice President: Including but not limited to communication, hospitality, and/or membership.  Include but not excluding the creation of an agenda for an upcoming meeting and running of an Executive Board meeting and/or General PTO meeting in the absence of the President. 
  1. Secretary: Handle correspondence of the LES PTO, including, but not limited to: gestures of appreciation and sympathy on behalf of LES PTO and sending notices of meetings to the membership.  The Secretary also keeps a copy of the minute’s book, bylaws, rules, membership list, and any other necessary supplies, and brings them to meetings.  The Secretary is also responsible for keeping the LES PTO/SAC communication board at the school current.  
  1. Treasurer: the treasurer will utilize designated accounting software in an effort to keep accurate records and receipts. Treasurer will use equipment purchased by the LES PTOTreasurer will maintain adequate records from event proceeds and expenses, will create balance sheets, keep itemized records of expenses, shall create an annual budget and assist in budget creation for fundraisers.   
Executive Board 
Per the Bylaws, the Executive Board shall consist of: the Officers, the School Principal, a Teacher Representative(s) (volunteer or appointed by the Principal) and the Classroom Event Director(s).  The sole purpose of the Executive Board is to carry out the operational functions of the LES PTO - meeting the purpose of the organization. 

  1. Contact InformationLarkspur Elementary School may release contact information to the LES PTO with the written permission of the parents.  All parent and student personal information will be held to the highest level of privacy possible and the LES PTO will never sell or distribute contact information regarding its members to anyone or any organization. The contact information of LES PTO members will be used for official LES PTO or school business. Members of the LES PTO may not use, sell, or distribute contact information for any business outside of LES PTO. 
  1. EmailsWhen sending emails, the list of email addresses will be placed in the 'bcc' address section. 
  1. Pictures: The LES PTO will not post pictures or names on its website without the written permission of the parents. Larkspur Elementary School may provide this information. 
  1. Conduct: The Executive Board commits itself and its members to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including the proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as board members.  The Executive Board must have loyalty to the LES PTO, un-conflicted by loyalties to staff, friends, other organizations, and any personal interest as a consumer.  Officers must avoid conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility. There will be no self-dealing or business by an Officer with the organization. Officers will annually disclose their involvements with other organizations, vendors, or any associations, which might reasonably be seen as being in conflict. 
  1. When an Officer has an unavoidable conflict of interest, that Officer shall excuse herself or himself without comment from not only the vote, but also from the deliberation. 
  1. Mission: The Executive Board shall operate with the sole purpose of the organization and communicate their mission for the year by adopting the current mission of the LES PTO or creating a mission for the current Board's administration. 
  1. Goal: A goal shall be communicated for the year and expressed in a theme to represent the intentions of the Board's administration. 
  1. Co-PositionIn the event of a co-position, the responsibilities and duties would then be determined by the Executive Board.  The Executive Board will also determine the weight of the individual vote. 

Classroom Event Director: Communicate with, and coordinate the functions of, all the Classroom Event Parents (CEP) (a minimum of one CEP per class) with regard to their Fall Festival Booths, Boot Scootin’ Boogie Live Auction “baskets and Silent Auction classroom item(s).  Ensure that the Classroom Event Parents are kept updated on PTO activities and fundraising efforts so that they may share them with their classroom parents as appropriate.  Provide temporarily assistance for any classroom without Classroom Event Parent. 
  1. Eligibility: Each paying members is allocated one (1) vote per membership whether present or absent. 
  1. Ballot: A paper ballot or electronic ballot; members can vote by paper ballot at the time of a meeting or abstain from their vote at such time, allowing them to vote on-line.  
  1. Motion: Will need to be presented when a decision needs to be made.  The Executive Board can move to have a motion made or a motion can be made from the floor. At the time of a meeting the Board has the authority to determine if a motion brought to the floor will proceed with a vote the night of the meeting or tabled to be voted on at a later time. 
  1. Vote by Motion: A motion at the time of a meeting followed by a second would allow for the motion to be open for discussion and proceed with a vote as determined by the Executive Board.  At which time the vote can be taken by voice or show of hands of those in favor and those opposed (see Article IX, section 9.01 to 9.03). 
  1. Board Elections: To be held at the last LES PTO General Meeting (usually held in the month of May). 
  1. Policies & Procedures: May be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Executive Board. 
An agenda would need to be created by the President prior to the Executive Board and General Meetings. The President or Secretary is required to notify the school population at least five (5) days in advance of an LES PTO General or Special Meeting.  The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at the General, or Special Meeting and minutes would need to be presented no later than five (5) day business days after a meeting. General Meeting minutes would need to be published on the LES PTO website for access and review by LES PTO members.   

Procedure: Executive Board Meetings 
  1. Notes: Meeting Notes will be taken by the Secretary during the meeting.  In the event the Secretary is not present a designated Board member will need to take the notes and provide them to Secretary following the meeting. 
  1. Records: Any action items and motion(s) documented in the Notes during the meeting would need to be created as Minutes of the meeting for record keeping purposes of the business conducted by the Executive BoardSecretary will be responsible for dispersing them to all Executive Board members via e-mail no later than five (5) day after a meeting. 
  1. New Business: Any new business or decisions would need to be presented as a motion. 
  1. Motion Form: Submit the motion form at the time of a motion (see attached form). 
  1. Written Report: Each Executive Board member or committee chair will need to provide a written report to be read and distributed to the Secretary on or before an Executive Board Meeting. 
  1. Meeting: Meetings are scheduled to be held at least once a month. (It is helpful to create the calendar at the beginning of the year for Board Members to plan ahead).   

Procedure: General Meetings 
  1. Addressing the Executive Board: Questions from the floor can be addressed to the Executive Board by a raised hand or standing.  The Executive Board will call on individuals to speech in an orderly fashion.  When called upon, the individual will have no more than three (3) minutes to speak. 
  1. Attendance: All persons will be required to sign in at the time of the meeting. 
  1. Held: Meetings will generally be held every other month that the school is in session, on a day and time as agreed upon by the LES PTO Executive Board when setting the calendar at the beginning of the year. 
  1. Voting: Only active LES PTO members (paid membership fourteen (14) days prior to a vote) will be allowed to vote.  Ballots will be given at the time of signing in to a meeting and confirmation they are a member. 
  1. Quorum: The Secretary will determine at the start of the meeting if quorum has been met. 
  1. Minutes: The prior meeting's minutes will need to be approved at the start of the meeting. The Secretary is responsible for the circulation of the prior month’s minutes. 
  1. Posting: General Meeting minutes will be posted for members for review on the PTO website. 
  1. Financials: The Treasurer will report the financials to the attendees of the meeting. 
  1. Childcare: Child supervision will be organized for attending members’ children. 

Procedure: Special Meetings 
  1. Meeting by the MembersA submitted written request by five (5) members submitted to the Secretary of the Board may also call a Special Meeting.  Notice and objective(s) of a Special Meeting shall be set forth and presented to LES PTO members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. 
Goal is to provide weekly communication through all school e-mail and Larkspur PTO website with occasional flyers in Thursday folders to the parents of LES students, teachers and staff.   

To get PTO communication out through website, all-school e-mail, Thursday folders and/or gmail would require the information to be presented at an Executive Board meeting for approval and/or present the communication being requested to the Board via e-mail documenting the communication information/request with a time and date requirement for final approval and accuracy.  If new information needs to be expedited, the President must be contacted first prior to sending something out in communication or to the VP of Communication if one is designated.   

Website – Manage and update the website throughout the year. This account is currently managed by the VP of Communication. 

All-School E-mail – Disseminate weekly e-mail with ALL communication needed to be sent out from the Board and/or chairs.  (Goal is to have ALL information in one spot and not several different flyers going out from different chairs and Board members). This responsibility is currently managed by the VP of Communication. 

G-mail Account - PTO has a gmail account (larkspurpto@gmail.com) where information can be e-mailed out to PTO members only. This account would be managed by the President. 

Facebook PTO also has a facebook account (les pto) where you can post information to parents, teachers and staff that have “liked” the page.  This will need a designated Board member to manage the account and postings throughout the year – currently it is the President. 

Classroom Party Coordinator Liaison - to communicate with the parent volunteers that have signed up to be a classroom party coordinator (CPC) per the direction of the Principal and Teachers. 

Communication going to parents in a particular classroom – see procedures under Classroom Event Parent heading. 
Procedure: Budget 
A budget meeting will take place separately from a General Meeting and will be held within the first month of the school year so that funds can be properly allocated.  Per the Bylaws, the budget must be approved by a majority vote of the members to become a working budget for the school year. 

Procedure: Request for Grant Funding 
All Requests for Grant Funding would need to follow the Guidelines outlined below (in Forms) and submitted on the Request for Grant Funding Proposal Form below (in Forms).  Approved grants will be allocated by the Treasurer and added to the working Budget.  Grants are valid for forty-five (45) days after approval unless a request for exception is provided on the Proposal Form and approved by the Request for Grant Funding Committee. RGFs under $500 may be submitted to the treasurer at any time, however the board reserves the right to review and approve RGF requests 30 minutes immediately preceding each regularly scheduled meeting of the board. 

Procedure: Income 
Funds collected for the LES PTO should be documented and submitted to the Treasurer within ten (10) days of receipt whenever possible.  All funds received by Treasurer should be deposited into the LES PTO bank account within (7) days of receipt by the Treasurer whenever possible.  In the event of his/her extended absence, deposits can be made by either the President or Secretary.  Separate deposit receipts should be maintained for funds received from each unique fundraising event. 

Procedure: Expenditures 
  1. Voting: All expenditures must be voted on by the Executive Board to allocate the release of funds.  Funds exceeding $500 would require the approval of the membership.  Expenses $500 or more would need to be presented to the PTO members (Reference Bylaws: Article VII).  A two-third majority of collected (ballot and on-line) votes would be needed for the vote to pass and quorum would need to be met (Reference Bylaws: Section 9.07) 
  1. Check Signers: At minimum, the Treasurer and President shall be authorized check signers.  Additional signers may be the Vice President and/or Secretary.  As per the Bylaws, two signatures shall be required on each check over the amount of $500. 
2.Credit Card: The authorized card holder shall be the Treasurer.  Additional card holders may be the President, Vice President, Secretary, or Chairperson of a Standing Committee (such as "Boot" Chair) as deemed appropriate by the Treasurer and President.  The completed Visa Card Usage Form would need to be turned in to the Treasurer within ten (10) days of purchase for expenses to be itemized and allocated.   
3Contributions: At the time of a Larkspur Elementary parent(s), student(s), or staff who have lost an immediate family member a contribution can go to vote by the Executive Board to determine the gesture of sympathy on behalf of PTO to be made to provide flowers or contributing to a memorial fund or other organization preferred by the family.  Suggested amounts shall be per family, not per person basis.  Flowers shall not exceed $75.  Memorial Funds, an amount less than 1% of the PTO net earnings from the previous school year, not to exceed $500, as determined by the budget. 

Volunteers supporting the LES PTO will do so in a responsible manner. 
1.Volunteers of the LES PTO are subject to the volunteer policies of Larkspur Elementary School. 
2.The Executive Board reserves the right to “dismiss” any volunteer who is not acting appropriately or in a manner that supports the mission of the LES PTO. 
3.If a volunteer is accused of any inappropriate behavior towards a child, the Principal of LES will be contacted immediately and in writing. 
4.Volunteers must sign in and out at the LES Office when volunteering on school grounds. 

Classroom Event Parent 
Each classroom shall have a Classroom Parent; herein referred to as  
 Classroom Event Parent to represent the class in all matters of the LES PTO. Classroom event parent sign-ups will be open at Orientation. 
  1. Duties: The Classroom Event Parent will report to the designated Classroom Event Director.  The Classroom Event Parent is responsible for attendance at LES PTO General Meetings, dissemination of LES PTO information to their classroom parents, and coordination of classroom participation in LES PTO activities and fundraisers as required. 
  1. Communication: E-mail communication to be sent out to parents in the classroom need to be routed to the teacher to disseminate. 
  1. Vacancy: In the event a parent has not volunteered for this position, the Classroom Event Director will work with the teacher and parents in the classroom to solicit and attain a Classroom Event Parent. 

Standing Committees 
  1. Chairperson: A chairperson is a voluntary position approved each year by the Executive Board. 
  1. Chairperson Duties: Will manage and organize the operations of said committee.  Work with the Treasurer on a budget for their committee and/or specific event.  Any major changes to expenses from the year prior must be approved by the Executive Board prior to any further business being conducted.  The chairperson must keep a written record of the activities of his/her committee in the manner that would allow these records to be passed along to future Chairs.  These records would be turned over to the Secretary who will maintain a comprehensive file of all events planned by the LES PTO and make them available for future Chairs. 
  1. Committee Members: The Chairperson of a Standing Committee may solicit and select additional members to serve on the respective committees as necessary. 
  1. Reports: The Chairperson shall provide a written report ten (10) days prior to LES PTO General Meetings for the committee reports to be reviewed and posted. 
  1. Meetings: Executive Board meeting attendance is only necessary when the committee is placed on the Agenda for discussion or reporting. 

LES PTO Standing Committees & Chairs 

Purpose: Fundraising event to generate funds to support Larkspur Elementary School.  
Duties:Event Coordinator to oversee all operations of the Fall Festival event held in the fall of the school year.  Solicit volunteers as chairs/committees as they see fit to include, but not limited to: Decorating, Food, Entertainment (booths hosted by Class Ambassadors), Volunteer Coordinator, Sponsorships, Business Chair, and Clean-Up. Refer to the Fall Festival event binder for additional information. 
Budget:Tickets will be sold to cover the overall operating costs to host this event. 

Purpose: Fundraising event to generate funds to support Larkspur Elementary School.  
Duties:Event Coordinator to oversee all operations of the “Boot” event held toward the end of the school year.  Solicit volunteers as chairs/committees as they see fit to include, but not limited to: Live Auction, Silent Auction, Set-Up, Decorating, Volunteer Coordinator, Business Chair, Food, Beverage, Entertainment, Raffle, Hospitality, Sponsorship/Advertising, Check-Out, and Clean-Up.  Refer to the Boot event binder for additional information. 
Budget:Tickets will be sold to cover the overall operating costs to host this event. 


Purpose: To support students at LES to start and participate in a club event at the school. 
Duties:Authorize the organization and start up of the club and oversee the operations of the club that it is in good standing and providing a benefit to the LES students in a positive manner. 
Budget:In the event a club would like to purchase materials or supplies they would need to submit their request as a Request for Grant Funding or present a Fundraising Event to the Executive Board to be considered for approval. 

  1. The purpose of the volunteer committee is to recruit and gather nominations each year for the Executive Board elections, to help fill Parent Event Director and committee chairs, in addition to securing volunteers for PTO events and fundraisers as needed 
  1. The volunteer chair will announce the nominees for the executive board and will post the nominees and their desired board position five (5) days prior to the election. 
  1. At the time of the last General Meeting of the school year, nominations will also be open from the floor and a ballot will be presented to active LES PTO members for a vote. 
  1. Volunteers for PTO fundraisers and events may be secured through parent, local student, or vetted community volunteers to help run various PTO events.  

PurposeSet up two(2) enrichment periods (Fall and Spring). 
Duties: Communicate dates, classes, fees to parents & students, contact enrichment teachers to confirm classes being taught, arrange room reservations and other special requests for enrichment classes, monitor check-in & checkout of students to ensure safety. 
Budget:Direct payment information to PTO Treasurer for fees due to enrichment teachers.  Detailed information is available in Enrichment Binder including past enrichment packets, class ideas and contacts, policy and procedure write up 

Purpose: Agricultural education program reaching out to the students of LES and the community. 
Duties:The maintenance and operations of the vegetation along with organizing work days and educational opportunities. 
Budget:Monies are generated by the application of grants available in the community to support such a program.  The grant money generated will determine the operating expenses for the Garden Chair. 

Purpose:Have a point of contact that will manage the hospitable events of the PTO. 
Duties:Purchase the necessary items, prepare the communication to be sent out by the Board and/or create sign up link (signupgenius.com) for volunteers to bring items for an event.  Events would include: Orientation, Meet & Greet for new parents, Treats with Mom, Treats with Dad, Fall Festival Fundraiser, Teacher Conference Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Retirement, Boot Fundraiser and any other hospitable events that would arise throughout the year. 
Budget:Current budgeted amount is $1000 of allocated PTO funds. 

Purpose: Offer and award annual scholarships to LES graduates who meet the criteria of the Scholarship Committee, including being accepted to a college, university, trade, or technical school. 
Duties:Communicate to Douglas County High Schools the scholarship(s) LES has available.  Provide the application.  Oversee the committee and the decision making process.  Organize and manage an award ceremony.  Work with the Treasurer to facilitate that the scholarship funds get paid directly to the school of the awarded students. 
Budget:LES PTO has budgeted $2,000 toward the scholarships. 

Purpose:Organize monthly or quarterly events for parents and staff of LES to boost Bobcat spirit and provide mini fundraising opportunities for the PTO 
Duties:Work with local restaurants or vendors to host spirit fundraising opportunities either in the community or at LES (ie nights at Chick-Fil-A, Cold Stone, Smart Cow, food trucks etc.). Idea is for a percentage of proceeds to benefit the PTO 

Purpose: Show school spirit by wearing or using an item with the school logo on it. 
Duties:Manage the inventory, proper use of logo and layout, ordering, communication with vendors where items are being purchased; price comparison, selling, distribution and organization of all spirit wear products. 
Budget:Spirit wear will be available for purchase and proceeds will cover the operating expenses for printing and shipping of the spirit wear. 

Purpose:Point-of-contact to facilitate the communication out to businesses in the community to solicit sponsors for fundraising (Fall Festival, Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Fun Run) events 
Duties:Meet with the event chairs and PTO Board to find out the needs for upcoming events and what can be solicited from sponsors. Solicit a parent volunteer to assist with them per fundraising event. 

Purpose:Continue the tradition of honoring the veteran’s in the community during an annual Veteran’s Day Assembly scheduled on or after Veteran’s day. 
Duties:Coordinate with the following: teachers in 1st and 2nd grade for their program, principal, music teacher, and local Veterans.  Book the location (typically gym). Coordinate breakfast and/or lunch for the Veteran’s and their families provided by LES volunteers to be held in the art room.  Decorate the day before the event (art room, stage and gym). 
Budget:$500 allocated from the assemblies’ budget.  Final confirmation would need to be secured with the treasurer. 

Page BreakLarkspur Elementary PTO 
Date Submitted: ___________________PLEASE ATTACH ALL RECEIPTS TO THIS FORM 

Requested By: ______________________________________Phone:  

Item / Service:Reason for Expense:Amount: 

1. $ 

2. $ 

3. $ 

4. $ 


Check payable to: 

Full address: 

Approved by:Date:  
(PTO Officer or Committee Chairperson) 

** For Treasurer's Use Only ** 

Check #: ___________Date of check: ________________ 


Date mailed (or returned to LES): _______________ 


If you have any questions, please contact the PTO Treasurer or submit an e-mail to larkspurpto@gmail.com. 
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Date Submitted: ___________________PLEASE ATTACH ALL RECEIPTS TO THIS FORM 

Charged By: ______________________________________Phone:  

Approved by: ____________________________________________Date Approved:  
(PTO Officer or Committee Chairperson) 

Item / Service:Reason for Expense:Amount: 

1. $ 

2. $ 

3. $ 

4. $ 

5. $ 

6. $ 


** For Treasurer's Use Only ** 

Visa Trans. #: ___________Date: ________________ 



If you have any questions, please contact the PTO Treasurer or submit an e-mail to larkspurpto@gmail.com.Page BreakRequest for Grant Funding Guidelines 

All requests must be for the benefit of the LES PTO’s purpose, align with the needs of Larkspur Elementary, comply with Douglas County guidelines, and be in the best interest of the students, school, and community as referenced to in Articles III of the LES PTO Bylaws. PTO will host a fall and spring Special Meeting designated for Request for Grant Funding (RGF).  Prior to hosting the RGF - Special Meeting all request will have to meet the deadlines prior to  the meeting to give ample time for all requests to be reviewed by the PTO Executive Board and prepared for ballot to go for a vote by the PTO members.  Upon review of the requests, they will be separated into the following categories for the fall and spring RGF – Special Meeting: Essential, Primary and Secondary Needs.  Your PTO membership will determine your eligibility for your request. 
Future Request(s) Procedure: 
A Request for Grant Funding can be brought up for further disbursement of funds throughout the year, but would require a submittal of the completed Request for Grant Funding Form to the Executive Board.  The executive board will review submitted RGFs the day of each general PTO board meeting. At which time the Board will review and determine if additional information is needed and communicate the outcome once a decision is made.  Once all proper documentation is received, the Board would need to determine if the Grant Funding Request would be moved for a further vote of the LES PTO members and presented at a General PTO meeting.  Future requests of $500 or more would be required to follow that guidelines outlined in the Policies & Procedures under Financial Expenditures. 

Funds for the Request for Grant Funding would be monies in excess of what has been allocated for the LES PTO Budget.  All requests not submitted for reimbursement within forty-five (45) days of approval (unless otherwise noted) will be invalid and funds returned to the general budget. 

A Request for Grant Funding vote would follow the voting procedure outlined under the Voting section in the Policies and Procedures.  Quorum (see Article IX, Section 9.07 of the LES PTO Bylaws) would need to be met in order for the vote to be valid.Page Break 
Request for Grant Funding Proposal Form 
  • ParentStudent Name:Grade:  
  • Teacher 
  • Staff 
PTO Member (circle): YesNo    (You must be a paid PTO member to request grant funding) 


Requested Grant Item:__________________________________________________________________________________     
(one (1) item per Grant Request) 

Total Amount Requesting:$ 

COST BREAKDOWN: Please attach an itemized cost breakdown of what is needed for your request and include any maintenance cost (recurring cost) that would also be associated with this request. 

Text BoxText BoxWill it serve as a BENEFIT to all students at Larkspur Elementary:YesNo  
if no, who is it intended to benefit? 

Please attach all supporting documents for your Request (such as materials needed to facilitate the purchase of the item/program) to help in the process of understanding your proposal request.  Please identify the least expensive alternative, if and when it is available.   The Executive Board will review your request and determine if it will be placed as a proposal for funding. All approved requests are valid for forty-five (45) days unless a reason for exception is outlined in your above proposal. 

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